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Service of securing prints in Eurographic Group.

As a result of the implementation of image analysis and security technology, Eurographic Group is introducing a new, improved digital printing service.
The technology is a unique solution that has been developed and implemented by Eurographic Group.
The technology makes it possible to hide a sequence of characters or even images that are invisible to the naked eye in a printed image. This allows us to offer new unique solutions in the field of digital printing services

Features of the enhanced service:

  • Copy protection
  • Ensuring full identification of the product path from the beginning of production (so-called tracking)
  • Protection by hiding characters or an image in a multi-color image
  • Ensuring the authenticity of the product through hidden security features that are difficult to counterfeit
  • Possibility to personalize the security code
  • Easy to read security

Possibilities of using new technology

  • Book production – books, manuals, reports
  • Secured prints – tickets, strict records, prescriptions, official forms
  • Individual publications assigned to the user
  • Other

Webshop B2B

With our webshop platform, we offer to handle your B2B customers or sales companies / subsidiaries. It is possible to handle the entire process from order placement by your customer’s direct access to our order module, and all the way to delivery and invoicing with backwards integration to your ERP system.


Webshop B2C

Handling end customers is often associated with high order volume as well as small orders. Many of our customers want to separate this from their B2B business.

We offer to build the website with full order and payment functionality in collaboration with your S&M people.



We can handle your distribution inquires together with our trusted partners or with your preferred partners.

We deliver worldwide at competitive terms- distance is not a problem.



We offer warehousing services and store your orders until you need them.

We also offer you storage of products coming from other suppliers until the entire order is completed.



We make a variety of shapes and can custom design a blister pack that will showcase your product in the best possible manner.

A clear plastic blister pack can be used in conjunction with a cardboard blister card to keep the product in full view for the customer to examine.

The blister packaging is attached to the blister card through a heat-sealing process that allows the product to be displayed in a wide variety of methods.


Pick & Pack

Eurographic Group provides all sorts of packing services, as well as sorting, labelling, bulk breaking, and much more.

Part of the packaging could be inserting / enclosing the following:

  • Manuals
  • Batteries
  • Warranty cards
  • Flyers
  • Campaigns

We offer a wide range of services around the printed product

We want to meet our customers’ needs and often, we are needed to take care of the whole process around the print tasks. That can be warehousing, supply chain services, distribution, Webshops and much more.

Look around on this page and read about our many services.

We make it easy for you

All of our customers have internal access to the ordering system. Thanks to the personalized platform, all orders are closed in our ordering portal. The system is integrated with the factory, which provides a quick flow of all orders.

Supply chain full service

We provide order fulfillment, retail & wholesale distribution, warehousing, and pick & pack services. We can even take over the supply chain between you and your suppliers.

You can take care of your day-to-day production, while we take care of your customers getting everything on time.

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