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Full-service print partner

  • We offer customized workflows that can handle a large number of daily orders
  • We integrate your order system into our graphic workflow
  • We offer short production times
  • We produce with the most advanced digital setup on the market and have one of the market’s most versatile in-house finishing departments, making our competitiveness, flexibility and quality among the best on the market.
  • We also offer a number of unique products and services which are produced in-house – such as Kolbus Luxury Box – production line for the production of luxury boxes and packaging with all kinds of processing.
  • We offer gold, silver and several other types of foils and various laminations and varnishes such as partial varnish as well as punching, embossing and blind embossing.
  • We are of course certified within FSC®, The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and our Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified.
    We take pride in keeping our promises, which means that our KPI performance towards our customers is close to 100%.

With more than 50 years of experience and hundred thousands of processed orders, we consider ourselves as digital print experts.

Our mission

We provide graphic products and related services, delivering total solutions for our customers. We aim for long-term relationships that provide mutual insight into each other’s challenges and create opportunities for long-term innovative and sustainable solutions.


Skilled and experienced employees

  • We work hard every day to give you, our customers the feeling, that having us as your strategic partner is an important aspect of your business.
  • Our team and quality are our main pillars. Our employees and machinery park have become the most important aspects of our company.
  • Our team is passionate about the work and is constantly looking for new solutions to improve the production process with new technical skills and specialized software.
  • With the compilation of these priorities, we can provide high automation of the production and top quality control of our work.
  • We started as digital pioneers, and today we are experts. Digital print offers a wide range of advantages for today’s fast moving world of communication. Short run lengths, just in time delivery, low stock levels, web-to-print, personalised printing and much more.
  • We are still investing in new machinery and our production potential is growing each year. Our machinery park includes inkjet web print, digital sheet offset, a total rigid hard box line and complete bookbinding lines for hard and flexible binding.

Our production

We have a wide range of production equipment and inhouse capabilities within print and finishing.
We can deliver in both short and large run lengths with a number of possibilities for fast delivery and flexible and customised logistic solutions.


High speed inkjet with our Ricoh Pro™VC70000. Ideal for high volume, built to accelerate the transfer of offset print volumes to digital.


Digital offset printing with the HP-Indigo 12000 & 7900


Gluebinding with the Kolbus KM 600 w/3 cutknives, Horizon 480 w/3 cutknives and Horizon 470 gluebinder


Luxury Box setup with the Kolbus Luxury Box Line
(8 different machine)

Our business foundation is build on passion,
professionalism and trust


Environment & Certifications

At Eurographic Group, we highly emphasize the quality of our services. Our quality system contains process control in all parts of the production flow.

Creative solutions

We like to be involved in your creative processes and bring our production expertise to the table at an early stage.

This is a win win for both parties. It gives us a better understanding of your project and what you want to achieve, and it enables us to come with creative printing ideas that you can encounter already in your concept generation and planning phase.

We cooperate with both creative agencies and as well as directly with marketing departments.  We are often used as a sparring partner on design, visual expression, production method, paper,  special effects as well as the entire fulfilment, distribution and logistics process.

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